Tim Cotterill FROGMAN, Chris Barela, Carlos & Albert

Wilbur AP

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Edition Size: 15
17" x 11" x 9.5"

snowy white owl, enhanced by a mottled winter wheat patina, perches expectantly on a silvery
gray antler. Tim Cotterill’s iconic red ladybugs join
the tableau, as an impish green frog nestles
covertly under the antler. Wilbur, named for the illustrious pioneer of flight, is a brilliant addition to
the Cotterill parliament.
 Wilbur breaks with FROGMAN tradition by being the first ARTIST PROOF edition to be released
in advance of the signed and numbered edition. Expected to be released within three months, the signed and numbered edition of one hundred fifty will be produced in a marbled amber patina.